More Class Stuff: Reasons for WordPress

Two posts in one day? I told you I was breaking the silence.

This is another assignment for Web class: why did I choose the blog I did? Oh, and give some examples of other blog you’ve found that use the same platform.

So why wordpress? Main reason: I already had it. Okay there’s more to it than that. We were given the choice of Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. Tumblr’s out automatically for me: I like feedback, and Tumblr is made to be super-simplified. Aka, no comments. Just reposting. And more reposting. Too simple and too limited.

But why not Blogger? It’s Google made, and you know I love teh Googles. Again: too simple. But simple in a different way. Looking at a bunch of blogs on that platform, they all look almost identical, with slight variations in color and font and such. That’s cool…if that’s what you want.

But maybe I don’t know what exactly I want. WordPress is the ideal for me because the possibilities are really quite vast thanks to plugins and plugins and plugins. (And as I learn more these neato things, this blog is going to get itself I nice updating). I can make a site look exactly like

So yeah: once my basic functional needs have been met, my choice of platform is based mostly on aesthetic possibilities. Word.

WordPress blogs I like the looks of:

Chase Jarvis

I’ve got mad respect for this guy. He’s a pusher: he’s strives to support and enrich the creative scene in Seattle and across the nation/globe/solar system/beyond. He’s the mastermind behind creativeLIVE, has published Seattle 100 – a book of portraits of the city’s biggest movers and shakers – and a crucial icon of the contemporary photography scene. But enough about Chase. His blog is simple. Like I said, it’s a perfect example of a contemporary photographer: sparse color palette (grayscale + orange); minimalistic design; straight forward and personal. He uses plugins on the right side to connect you to a lot of his extraneous information, and the posts are streamlined in the main column. And, in relation to his overall website, wordpress makes like easy to integrate all sorts of things, including live video streaming and a variety of portfolio viewers.

Alec Soth

Here’s a guy I only just found the other day. I dig his work, but more importantly Alec appeared on a PBS documentary discussing contemporary photography, and his philosophy sits well with me and mine. What I like about his blog is a lot of what I like about Chase’s as far as design. In addition, his little header on top is pretty sweet and sets style apart from every other black-n-white blog out there. Pretty fond.

The PhotoBook

Just discovered this one this morning, so I’m still looking into it. This Doug guy reviews photobooks when he feels like it. But his blog emphasizes the customization that WordPress provides easily for you. Sure his layout is just like Chase’s and Alec’s, but it doesn’t really look the same since he’s added a sort of rounded tab style he’s added to the title, each post, and the boxes off on the right. S’good stuff to have access to.

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